What are magic functions?

  • Magic Methods¬†allow you to react to certain events when using these particular objects. This means when certain things happen to your object, you can define how it should react in that instance.
  • They start with double underscore
  • They are always defined inside of the class
  • They are never called directly



__construct(), __destruct(), __call(), __callStatic(), __get(), __set(), __isset(), __unset(), __sleep(), __wakeup(), __toString(), __invoke(), __set_state(), __clone() and __debugInfo()

How to build a scalable application / api?

Scalability is the ability of a system network or process to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged to accomodate that growth.

  • Use cloud that has ability to launch server on demand
  • Use load balancer (Amazon ELB, Rackspace Load Balancer)
  • Choose the right data storage (SQL or noSQL)
  • cache things
  • queue up everything that doesn’t need to be done synchronously, stats, logs notifications
  • Automate everything – you should be able to launch servers that self configure and get added to the resource pool automatically
  • run load tests
  • monitor everything – setup alerts
  • separate business logic into Service Oriented Architecture

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Why should we hire you?

I sincerely believe that I’m the best person for the job. Like other candidates I have the ability to do this job. But beyond that ability I offer an additional quality that makes me the very best person for the job — my drive for excellence. Not just giving lip service to excellence but putting every part of myself into achieving it. Throughout my career I have consistently strived to become the very best I can become. The success I’ve attained in my management positions is the result of possessing the qualities you’re looking for in an employee.

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